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Modelling Experience:Voted one of FHM's 100 top sexiest women in the world 2010
About Me:"Name is Paloma Mian Esmeria. I'm 26 years old now. Born in Manila, Philippines on October 24, 1981. I'm Scorpion mainly so I got some traits. Assertive yet discreet, loyal and streetwise, with plenty of passion and a long memory. Versatile with clothes and music. Love personality : intense, romantic and mysterious.

There's no typical day for me since my job isn't a 9 to 5. My modelling gigs could be a half day, whole day or a week event. It doesn't really matter as long as the sched doesn't clash with another gig. When I don't have any work that's the time I usually run my errands, go shop with my friends, hang out and be a homebody, party at night or take a vaca.

I can speak fluent Japanese and a little bit of Spanish. I'm still trying to learn more. Right now, I'm actually studying how to write katakana and hiragana for a start. Kanji's pretty tough.

I'm about 5'3 1/2"" tall and recently I fluxuate between 98 and 104 lbs.

I love spicy food. I can eat pizza and pasta in a week! I like to put a lot of hot sauce on it too. My favorite pizza is Brooklyn Pizza. I gave up eating rice since last year but I can't quit cheese and chocolates. I'm not much of a pork eater nowadays and I don't know why. I've been craving for mango shake and mongolian grill ever since I got back from Bora. Mr. Kabab is still in my list of favorite places to go eat and ice cream still cheers me up. I LOVE sushi. I miss Kabuki's ""topanga special"" in LA. Hmmmm...I wonder when I'm going back. I also like all Filipino dishes ( I can cook it too - if I had the time ).

Music and art will always be a part of my life even if I have given up djing long time ago. Still appreciate photography. Love art in any form. My favorite includes Surrealism, graff art, urban art, Venetian, Morrocan, Islamic and Phillipne art - whether in film, still or mix media.

Weed - a natural way to balance your busy life. ("",)

I own a 2008 Hyundai Tucson SUV. I'm practically in here most of the time...running errands, always on the go to go-c's/vtr's/events/shoots and whatnots. Driving can be pretty tiring in PI since traffic is terrible and everywhere.

SHOPPING, SPA & VACATION HOTSPOTS - my kind of way to relax. I'm a big fan of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Juicy Couture handbags. I got addicted ever since I had my first LV bag. Also am a sucker for a good massage. I love hangin out by the beach. My favorite places I've been to is Vegas, Tokyo and Cali.

I like trying out or experimenting new things. It's the adrenalin rush that excites me. decisions have always been to simplify things. Why complicate life? Life should be lived to its fullest. I still continue to appreciate everything in life...good or bad...everything happens for a reason. All has its own purpose right? I like happy things, happy thoughts, happy experiences and good vibes. I gravitate towards people that are similar. =) I need affection. Never got it inside the house. Things I don't like include haters."
Work Interests & Availability:Casual
Sport & Fitness
Fashion (Catalog)
Fashion (Catwalk)
Acting Roles
Published Ads & Articles
Hair & Makeup
Promotions Girl/Guy
Car Magazines
Glamour (Non-Nude)
FHM & Ralph Mags
Paid Travel:Yes
Time for Prints:Yes
Seeking a Photographer:Yes

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Personal Details
City:Taguig City
Contact Details
Contact is: Direct to Model
Physical Appearance
Body Type:Slim
Height:5'0 - 5'3 (151-160cm)
Hair Colour:Brunette
Eye Colour:Brown
Shirt Size:small
Dress/Pants Size:small
Shoe Size:8
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